Dawn Thelen, Dewitt - 05/11/2017
I am in the process of buying my third wig!!! I was diagnosed with cancer about 15 months ago, and because of my chemo treatments found myself losing my hair. I called and made an appointment, and both Carol and Pam bent over backwards to make me feel comfortable and welcomed!! Because of their expertise, l am everywhere I go I receive compliments about my hair! My sister in law just bought a wig from Elegante herself because she said that mine made me look younger. She actually thanked me for taking her to Elegante because of how Elegante treated her!! In my opinion they should receive 10 stars!!!!! I can hardly wait for me new wig to come in!!!

Sandra Pilgrim-Lewis, Alpena - 11/19/2016
I lose tons of my own hair resulting from a medication side effect. I was apprehensive about trying instant hair. Following extensive research I decided to make a 4 hour drive to Elegant Studio. That was over a year ago. I have been very pleased with the products and loved the personalized service. Needless to say I highly recommend this salon and their products. It is why I continue to travel 4 hours to Elegant Studio.

Marlene Wagonschultz Munk, Lansing - 10/03/2016
When I was going through cancer treatment my coworkers took up a collection and sent me a gift card here and a box full of beautiful hats. They helped me find a wig that looked close to my own hair. I was treated with dignity. They were kind and very helpful. I found the hats to be more comfortable for me and only wore the wig for big stuff like funerals, weddings etc. So when my hair grew back I washed up my collection of hats and the wigs and took them to my cancer center to share with someone else starting the process. Sadly many insurances don't cover that because it is cosmetic. When you are being flooded with medical bills the wig purchase may have to wait. Sharing those things you do not use with your hospital can be what another person needs to make their day better!

Sheri Sonnenberg, Howell - 09/12/2016
Was in your store on Friday and you treated me like a queen. Thanks so much for your help. You took a lot of time with me and I am so thankful for that. You will be seeing a lot of me in the future.

Andrew Edwards, Lansing - 08/2016
I walked into Elegante because it was next to my food store-- a guy on a bad hair day walking into a wig store.

What could go wrong? First, Carol demonstrated her wig by taking it off and putting it on for me--twice--right there at the reception desk. Professional and very knowledgeable, she had me examine the front hairline, which I could not distinguish as different from a natural hairline. The simplicity of putting on one "cap" appeals to me.

When the first hairpiece wasn't flattering to my face, they sent it back and got one that was. I call him "Alan." I'm 66, and women have never particularly looked me, but walking into Sparrow lobby and Allen Market I got looks and smiles. My head is a male-pattern baldness that I kept together with a comb-over. And if I'm cutting wood in the garage or lounging with 300 channels of cable, I don't bother. But, it's a good product and good people. "Alan" and I are very happy. --RGE

Betty Campeau, Lansing - 06/2016
Been using Elegante Wigs for many years now, love their store location as the parking access is so much better than the old store, also their newly added this year the private rooms. Bought new style this year, like it so much went back for a second as backup. Really appreciate the services you offer.
Betty Campeau, customer for life

Bobbi D., Gaylord - 06/2016
What a pleasant experience it was purchasing my beautiful wig from you nice people at Elegante Wigs. The staff was so knowledgeable and professional in packing and mailing the wig care products I ordered.

So prompt and safely packed. My new wig is wonderful! Such rich color and beaautiful highlights. And so soft to wear, and easy to style. I just love it! I'd recommend you to anyone, and look forward to visiting your Studio for Cosmetic application. Thank you, CAROL and your staff at Elegante Wigs and Cosmetics.

Shawna Morales, Lansing - 05/2016
Dear Pamela,
You are an angel in disguise.
You were so wonderful with me.
Words can't express the happiness I feel.
Lots of Love, Shawna

Robin W., Belleville - 12/21/2014
Highest review for Elegante Studio. I recommend them if you are looking for a great selection of wigs in all price ranges. I am going through chemo, and Gwen was wonderful. Kept me separated for privacy of trying on wigs. All the ladies were great and helpful. We drove all the way from Metro Detriot area, and it was worth it. Found just what i wanted. Could not have been treated nicer.. Hats off to Gwen and the ladies!

Angela Ludwig, Haslett - 12/12/2015
Went there today and the lady Carol, was super helpful and I found the perfect wig. It was even on sale!

Kristal Lemiere Flores, Lansing - 03/08/2015
Best place in the area to buy wigs! Very knowledgable and caring staff!

Rebecca Vondrasek, Lansing - 03/26/2016
Thank you, Pamela!!! You make going through chemo tolerable!!!

Holly Szilagyl, Lansing - 09/14/2015
Welcoming atmosphere and amazing service. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. Large selection to choose from, ranging from a variety of prices. I have been back several times, and my experience is always the same (excellent)! I would highly recommend Elegante Studio!

Taryn Brim-Earls, Lansing - 11/01/2015
This is definitely the go to place for wigs or hair pieces. Pamela listened to why I was there and helped me decide what was best for me. I could not ask for more kind and caring service. They truly want you to look your best.

Lisa Mattheis Munn, Lansing - 05/13/2016
5 stars! I am a stylist in the Lansing area and it's a pleasure to have an amazing studio like this in town. The staff is very informative and will do an amazing job to make sure you leave looking and feeling your best. If you have a hair issue, this is the place to go. I look forward to referring many more clients in the future!! Keep up the good work! Women need it!

Maxine Robison, Lansing - 05/15/2013
I came in yesterday morning with my mother in law. She has recently gone through radiation treatments and has lost her hair. Her name is Carol. I want to say how pleased I was with her care. I don't recall the woman's name who took care of her but she was wonderful. Carol settled on a style fairly quickly but was having problems deciding on a color. The young woman showed great patience and kindness in helping her. They finally found just the right color. Believe me Carol is not always easy to please when it come to her hair.

All she and my father in law talked about after we left the store was the wonderful service and the even better price. I would highly recommend your store and services to anyone I come in contact with who may be looking for a wig and wonderful caring attention besides. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ann H., Lansing - 04/2016
Pamela is the nicest person! She is so patient and kind! She is also very knowledgeable. I trust her opinion completely. Carol is very nice and friendly, too! The best experience ever! I highly recommend this business. 5 stars!

Megan C
So happy that I found this place! Carol took such good care of me, and I finally have a wig that I am excited about wearing! Will definitely be returning for all of my wig needs.

Thelen Dawn - 03/31/2016
I recently had the pleasure of visiting and working with Pamela. When I called, she explained that by making an appointment would guarantee that I would have the individual and personalized attention that I deserved. Being a chemo patient, I was hesitant about going in, but once there, my experience was beyond belief perfect! Pamela took her time with me, and explained the different types of wigs, and the benefits of each. They have every style and color on display which makes it extremely easy to pick out what you would like to try on. She was very patient and is very knowledgeable! It was at her suggestion I try the wig that I loved and bought!! She also helped me with products for my skin, which I like so well, I will continue to purchase . I was completely comfortable how to care for my wig, and which products to use before I left. I can't say enough on how wonderful they made me feel, at a time when I needed it most. I have received numerous compliments on my wig, and I have referred friends and family and will continue to do so!! I want to encourage anyone that is interested in purchasing a wig, or accessories to visit Elegante, they truly are there to assist you in whatever way they can!